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How to find the most popular laser printers


Purchasing a printer to fit all of your printing needs depends on what you are looking for. A few questions to consider while researching how to find the most popular laser printers include: What will the printer be used for? Are there projects to be completed that require heavy printing? Are your documents mostly plain text or colorful graphics and designs? How much paper and ink will you run through daily? What does your budget look like for supplying paper and ink? Will you connect the printer to a network and if so how many people will be using it? Where should the printer be located in the office to make it easily accessible for everyone?

If you are a small business or workgroup looking to get the job done, and you need a simple laser printer for the office, the Canon Color imageClass LPB766cdn is for you. As one of the top rated laser printers 2013 this machine will equip you with the speed and quality you are looking for in a general printer. Some of the features include:

Duplex printing: Save paper and time by printing on both sides of the sheet, this printer has an automatic setting to make your project easy and efficient.

Network-ready: Tap into your company’s network using the USB or Ethernet connection to make sure your printer is network ready. This will save time in the long run because all your employees will be able to print right from their workstations or wherever they are at in the office.

Warranty: What happens if something goes wrong, especially after a recent purchase is something you won’t have to worry about with the Canon Color Laser Printer. Not only are online and phone support available, you also receive a 1 year warranty with on-site tech support and the option to upgrade to 2 years of support.

Compatibility: Because most offices run on PC’s, upgrading to the latest technology is a breeze, this printer comes with a Windows 7 driver; more options are also available on the website.

Cost-effective: You won’t have to stress out about your budget because tested cost per page is up to 3.9 cents for black and white printing while color only moves up to an additional13.3 cents per page.

The printer holds 4 cartridges, one for each of the primary colors, black, red, blue and yellow. The printing speed is up to 20 papers per minute and the printer tray holds a capacity of 300 sheets. The printer tray is another feature you have the option to upgrade. While printing directly from a digital camera or viewing an LCD screen is not included, this printer is perfect for all of your basic office printing needs, another reason it is included on the best laser printer 2013 list.

The only question in your mind should be where to pick it up. Do your research because there are a lot of sites that offer cheap prices for laser printers. Even with the cost of shipping added in, you may find a better deal online than in stores.